Change Brings Opportunity

(So Get Ready for a Tidal Wave of Opportunity)

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There’s an ancient Chinese curse that seems pretty relevant right now …

may you live in interesting times.

While at first that may seem like someone wishing you well, it’s intended to be ironic. 

Living in “uninteresting” times allows for peace and tranquility, while “interesting” times bring chaotic change and disruption.

And let’s face it, this decade so far has been way more interesting than we were expecting in 2020 alone. And we’re not even out of the current crisis yet.

But things are going to get even more interesting. In fact, the remainder of the decade may make this year look quaint.

Hey, Brian Clark here. Thanks for clicking over to check out what we’re doing with Copyblogger Pro.

We’ve talked a lot about what’s coming with technology and how it affects digital marketing. And while it’s understandable to be anxious about all this impending change, I want you to think in terms of opportunity instead.

Change can be tough. But if you prepare yourself for it with the proper mindset and and a set of enhanced skills, you can instead focus on the wealth of opportunities that are about to present themselves.

For example, with proper preparation, artificial intelligence won’t replace you, it will augment you. Paired with technology and strategy, your creativity will shine.

And the chance to get in on the ground floor of the shift that augmented and virtual reality will soon bring to digital marketing and online education is reason enough to be optimistic — despite the disruptive nature of the years to come.

What we’re doing with this new membership community is something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years. But the acquisition of StudioPress and Rainmaker put everything on hold … until now.

I hate to say it, but the timing in 2020 is on point.  The changes that were coming anyway are accelerating, even as the pandemic has upended our lives and led to faster “virtualization” than was expected.

It’s hard not to feel down about the situation we’re in. I worry for my parents in Houston, and I’m concerned for everyone who has been adversely affected by the events of this year.

I’m guessing you’re worried and concerned, too. But we have to do what we can to adapt, and that’s why we’re going forward with Copyblogger Pro starting right now.

We can’t wait for the return to normal (whatever that even means). Constant change is the new normal, and we think that we can help you get a handle on things so that you not only survive, but thrive.

More importantly, we think that all of us together can figure things out better than any of us alone. Community matters as much as continuing education, and we could all use meaningful connections with others who are on a common path.

Again, I see the coming years as a wave of constant opportunity. And I want you to benefit from those opportunities, rather than desperately cling to a past that no longer exists.

So, let me tell you a bit about what we’re offering with Copyblogger Pro. Because we’re amplifying the value while being mindful about pricing during these uncertain times.

First … Foundational Knowledge

In Copyblogger Pro, no one gets left behind. We want to share sophisticated ideas and solutions that set you apart from everyone else, but you need foundational knowledge first.

That’s why we’re including four high-impact masterclasses from this year to get you up to speed. If you’re already proficient in these areas, you’ll still have these resources for reference.

Online business, email marketing, search engine optimization, and crafting great content are all core elements of your go-forward skill set. And it’s all included with your membership.

Here’s more detail on what’s included and instantly available to you when you join Copyblogger Pro.

Content Writing Masterclass (normally $149)

Our Content Writing Masterclass is built for content creators who want an insider’s view of how to build an audience of interested prospects that know, like, and trust you. You’ll discover in-depth techniques that you’ll be able to put into practice right away to create content that attracts traffic, builds an engaged audience, and primes them to buy.

Email Marketing Masterclass  (normally $149)

Can email marketing transform the trajectory of your business? Yes, in fact there’s no better way to build your audience, connect with them in a meaningful way, and grow your business. In this 5-day recorded workshop, you’ll discover the foundational skills and strategies of an email marketing master, and you can start using them in your business right away. 

SEO Masterclass (normally $149)

In this 5-day recorded workshop, Tim Stoddart explains the step-by-step process for traffic that has allowed him to build and grow multiple 7-figure companies from the ground up. Whether you’re a freelancer, a digital entrepreneur, or have an e-commerce business, this is the perfect foundation for people with a beginner and intermediate understanding of SEO.

Online Business Masterclass (normally $149)

The Online Business Masterclass teaches a practical, proven, and successful framework for building an online business based on your particular skills. It’s a process that countless successful entrepreneurs have used to grow and expand their own thriving and profitable online businesses, without the snake oil and empty promises that are all too common.

We’re also throwing in our Content Marketing Checklist (normally $14) as the first of many worksheets, guides, and checklists that will help you develop winning processes that enhance your workflow and results.

That’s over $600 in education and assets that we normally sell individually, all included with your membership … and you’ll have instant access. 

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll get with Copyblogger Pro.

Instant Access to Advanced Training

I don’t think I’m overstating when I say you’ll have received far more value than you’d expect before the end of 2020 given the affordable investment — and you’ll still have most of 2021 to look forward to.

Go Beyond Content Marketing with Strategic Thought Leadership

Brian Clark teaches advanced content strategy

To this day, too many companies think they’re doing “content marketing” without having any idea how the content that’s created will lead to sales and market growth. It’s “content for SEO” (but how exactly will that convert to sales?) or “content for social media” (same question).

In the very first Copyblogger Pro Advanced Masterclass, I lay out the components of an approach to content marketing that works. From identifying trends, to understanding your audience, and honing your communication with them. And more than content, it’s about leadership and putting the success of prospects first.

You’ll discover:

  • How to uncover trends and devise scenarios that matter to your prospects
  • The importance of creating an “audience archetype” with characteristics all prospects share
  • The art of information synthesis in a time where overwhelm and fake news abound
  • When in the content cycle to pitch, and what elements must be included
  • Developing the correct “language of leadership” that connects with your audience

Guest Post Approaches that Impress Tough Editors

Stefanie Flaxman teaches copywriting, headlines and storytelling

Next, I lead a panel discussion with both the current editor of Copyblogger (Stefanie), and our original editor (Sonia), on how to access other people’s audiences to build your own (or your client’s).

You already know and love Stefanie for her recent articles on Copyblogger. 

Sonia Simone on how to build an audience that generates sales

Many of you know and love Sonia Simone, a former Copyblogger partner who cashed out and set up her own shop. She was editor-in-chief back in the days when we accepted (and edited) tons of guest articles, and her perspective is indispensable.

Get the inside scoop on what works to get your content published, as well as what will get your email deleted or marked as spam. Guest posting can be an extremely effective way to gain valuable traffic and links to build your own audience, but you’ve got to get the initial steps right.

Advanced Email Automation and Segmentation Strategies (Two Stellar Sessions!)

Darrell Vesterfelt teaches high level email marketing that puts money in the bank

Next up, Darrell Vesterfelt will greatly expand on his foundational email marketing lessons with these two advanced sessions on email marketing and segmentation strategies. With automation and the right copy, you can build a sales system for your business that works 24/7 to promote your products and services (and those of your clients).

Darrell is going to show you how to systematize not only the growth of your list, but also how to smartly sell to your audience with marketing automation. You’ll learn exactly what’s important when it comes to automating your email marketing, with a step-by-step guide to advanced tactics that will work for your business no matter what you sell.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Grow your list with new subscribers each and every week
  • Nurture your subscribers without constantly creating new content
  • Discover what your audience members are most likely to buy
  • Set up an advanced selling system that brings in constant revenue
  • Measure what’s working, get rid of what’s not, and optimize for growth

Why Web Personalization is an Essential Complement to Email Marketing

Brennan Dunn on automation and advanced segmentation.

Darrell and RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn connect the dots between email automation, segmentation, and personalization. The key to best serving an audience of otherwise similar people is to discover how they differ and create specific copy that converts for them as an individual.

Systems and Strategies for Next-Level SEO

Tim Stoddart teaches how to effectively SEO your website for growth.

Unlike those working in the never-ending cycle of content creation, a smarter approach to SEO is to be deliberate and methodical in the content you create. This means you’ll align your content with what people are searching for in a way that builds a viable audience.

In this advanced masterclass, Tim moves beyond the basics and dives deep into content creation that attracts links, appeals to search engines, and serves your audience. And in an unprecedented move, Tim shares the personal assets he uses in his agency and other 7-figure businesses for performing competitive analysis and managing effective content creation.

You’ll come away with:

  • How to analyze competitors to ensure that you’re picking winning keywords
  • A smart system that makes working with a team of writers much more effective
  • Why an SEO-focused content calendar creates wins, and how Tim does it
  • Why and how to delete “zombie” content that isn’t adding value
  • Specific strategies for content promotion that earns natural backlinks

The Future of SEO

Michael King on what SEO will look like 5 years from now, and how to stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve already been living with artificial intelligence in our personal and business roles for years — and that’s the Google algorithm. Now as AI expands, what will this mean for SEO and content marketing? In this session, Tim chats with SEO wizard and digital agency owner Michael King on what to expect going forward with Google and other search engines.

And much more to come …

Next  … Transformational Monthly Value

Going forward, we’ll continue to bring you in-depth education each month of your membership. We’ll go deeper into personalization, reveal social advertising and Google Adwords strategies, explore what augmented and virtual reality will mean for us, and much more.

This continuing education both builds on the foundational training and transcends it. And unlike a static course, this community is designed from the ground up for real-time instruction and action.

That means you’ll get advanced training plus supplemental perspectives and action-oriented tasks. We’re talking about up-to-the-minute best practices with an emphasis on doing.

And just to make sure everything sinks in, you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with like-minded fellow members, and keep yourself on track with accountability exercises for your goals and next steps.

  1. Advanced Masterclasses: Our advanced monthly workshops and seminars build upon the foundational training we offer, and take it to the next level. These sessions will be led by recognized experts, and will reflect the up-to-the-minute state of the art and technology of digital marketing.
  1. Supplementary Sessions: Following each advanced masterclass will be a related supplementary session that provides additional context and perspective. These sessions will often feature guest experts offering real-world actionable tips that you can use immediately in your own business or career.
  1. Ask Us Anything: We strive for clarity in all of our training. But if something isn’t clear, or if you need additional guidance for your particular situation, never hesitate to ask me, Stefanie, Darrell, or Tim anything during these monthly Q&A sessions. If you can’t make it live, simply submit your question early and get a recorded replay.
  1. Networking Galore: And of course, when you mix a bunch of poets and killers together (plus killer poets, right?), magical things happen. Beyond learning from each other, there will be jobs, contracts, and partnerships that naturally happen within this group. As your Copyblogger Pro hosts, we will be doing our level best to instigate all of the above.

Here’s What Members are Saying

“Copyblogger Pro is one of the best purchases I have made in 2020. I instantly had access to incredible content that has improved my writing within moments. Having a community that I can learn from and access to incredible teachers is valuable.”
~ Matthew Gattozzi

“Copyblogger Pro is a trove of content marketing resources for writers looking to not only expand their skills and expertise but to create better, higher-converting content for their clients. Since I started freelancing, Copyblogger has been the go-to resource for me for all things content marketing, and Copyblogger Pro takes it to a new level. If you’re on the fence about joining, I encourage you to take the plunge.”
~ Kat Ambrose

“On an Ask Me Anything call with Brian Clark and the Copyblogger Pro team. 40 minutes in and I’ve gotten more than any other call I’ve been on all year about content marketing.”
~ Sara Craig

“Loving Copyblogger Pro and having access to the Copyblogger team, content, and community — Brian Clark’s masterclass this week, the Netflix-style course lineup, and talented content makers on the forum. Cheers!”
~ Sharyn Inzunza

“Yesterday’s first masterclass as part of my Copyblogger Pro subscription confirmed I’ve made the right choice. Excellent advice on how to target your audience & create thought leadership. The worksheets are incredibly useful too. Thanks Brian Clark, can’t wait for the next one!”
~ Evelien Al

“I’ve always been careful with the content I consume because we only have so much time in our day. Copyblogger was one of the few that’s proven to be well worth my time. And when they released Copyblogger Pro, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. They’ve taken writing and content creation to another level with Copyblogger Pro’s Masterclasses and coaching that you’d typically pay thousands of dollars for. The price is peanuts compared to what you’ll learn.”
~ Josh Hayles

Your Low Investment

Once you experience Copyblogger Pro, you’ll understand that you’re receiving training that no $2,000 online course or $5,000 interactive workshop could give you.

Each month you spend in this community of learning will build on the last, leading you forward with actionable tasks each step of the way. This is not passive education, but instead purposefully designed instruction for dynamic doing.

And yet, your investment is nowhere near $5,000. Or even $2,000 for that matter.

You get an entire year inside Copyblogger Pro for only $495. Each month of your membership will build on the last, and in 12 months you’ll have transformed your skill set, your business, and your life.

For the level of education, coaching, networking, and opportunity we’re offering, either option is a steal.

Remember, you’re getting instant access to $600 in education and assets that we normally sell individually. And that’s before we even get started with the monthly advanced sessions that will take your skills — and your life — to the next level.

I’d love for you to join us and explore the vast amount of opportunity that comes with accelerating change. To see your business and career thrive while others fret over what seems like nothing but chaotic change.

And just in case you’re concerned about money in these uncertain times, you can get started risk free.

Experience Copyblogger Pro Risk Free

Even with affordable pricing, I want this to be a risk-free decision for you. Sign up now and experience the education and participate in the community for a full 30 days to see what you think.

That means you’ll get instant access to a huge amount of foundational and advanced education — all without a firm commitment. You’ll also get to check out the community and networking that may even deliver more ROI than the valuable training … all thanks to your membership in Copyblogger Pro.

If you end up regretting your choice, simply email us for a refund. No hidden procedures, no hassle.

And they’ll be no worries at all … we’ll stay friends. So with all risk removed, let’s get started delivering the keys to doing the work you love from wherever you happen to be.

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